How are car windshields different than windows?

bmw car windshieldShould you replace or repairĀ  your windshield?

Now, what happened was your windshield received a huge crack or ding. The huge stone somehow managed to find itself through the windshield and leaving a hole behind. What do you do? Do you simply replace the windshield or can you just have it repaired? The difference between windshields and home windows is that front auto glass uses laminated glass which is 2 panes of thin glass with an adhesive film between them. So when you get a crack it mostly stays in place, the crack can spread and you will need to do something but if you put in some resin or special glue in most cases it will stop the crack from spreading.

On the other hand, the decision on whether the windshield should be replaced or repaired also depends on other things like the size, the location, and the severity of the damage. Most places can get it done on the same day if you call early or the next day. The chances of you getting a new window for your car at 10 o clock at night is not very likely so don’t stress out. You see, most shops that offer windshield repair actually accept cases where the damage ranges from around chips that are around a quarter in size or cracks that could measure some three inches long.

Of course, you are very well aware that the repair for a windshield could get quite costly. Now think if there any additional chips. As per repairing cracks, the principle and the price is still the same.

Now the next question is where do you actually have your windshield replaced or repaired? You can check out the Internet for places or shops that offer such services. On the other hand, you can also go to an automotive glass specialist for they actually specialize in repair or replacement of automotive glass. You can also try out your luck at a windshield repair facility where they do give their best in fixing chips and cracks in your windshield.

I wouldn’t recommend Car dealers for windshield replacements. They charge too much. The good thing with dealers is that once you do purchase a windshield from them, you are very most certain that it is an original one and is made from quality material.

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